We at Earthans.World seek to explore and articulate the many essential aspects of our evolving relationship with our Earth home and with ourselves. We seek to examine and illuminate our many species-wide interdependencies and universal commonalities; we hope to illuminate pragmatic and sustainable alternatives to our historical patterns and existing realities; and we strive to develop, define and advocate for a more rational, compassionate, and productive next-phase of our species social evolution.

We work to advocate for the environmental health of our planet home, and to ring a bell calling for a higher awareness of our place within nature. We are going to play & sing an alarm of warning, and offer our best sage counsel right out loud through our music, our words, and our productions.

We seek to outline a rational, viable alternative to Humanitiy's destructive, exploitative, and violent historical tendencies. Our vision of Earthan life emphasizes cooperation, sustainability, and mutual accommodation; we endorse and promote an awareness of a common individual identity as children of the Earth..."Earthans". This planet is our only home, our very mother; and in the healing and caring for her lies our only hope to continue to exist as a species...
we could just vanish so fast, we better change and adopt a new Way Forward.

Life, Light, Love...
Earthans World
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