New-Thought Folk-Rock

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-----  Way Forward  -----
----- Sage Counsel -----
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Stream WAY FORWARD Music
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The Inscriptions

   Earthansong Records and Chris Bianco are proud to offer the WAY FORWARD & SAGE COUNSEL anthologys.  These collections build upon the upbeat "Thought Rock" genre pioneered by our earlier Reflections release.  Their a bit raucous and occasionally rather rowdy, but contain deeply meaningful and thought-provoking poetry transformed into song lyrics.  Volumes of  non-conformist and unconventional  social commentary are embedded throughout  the musical depths.    Music that rocks & rivets but also sometimes slides & glides...serious yet playful; lyrics reflecting the art of thinking freely without limitations about most everything that really matters;  powerful concepts espousing renewed perspectives and ways of influencing the world.  But, a FAIR WARNING NOTICE is called for:  WAY FORWARD & SAGE COUNSEL may seem way too dangerous to dogmatic, conventional thinkers stuck in some bronze-age model of social reality; or to eco/social profiteers with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.  Better engage your open mind and brace for strong doses of New Light served straight-up to an edgy beat!!   Ready ?

   WAY FORWARD and SAGE COUNSEL are available now at all your favorite on-line music retailers and virtual listening booths everywhere Human-hand-made independent music is valued.  



"Now, I cannot tell you - absolutely - what is true... I only speak for me.  But, HERE'S a Truth you can't deny; we're made of Earth, and Sea, and Sky... and that Truth can set you free."    -  CMB  

----- WAY FORWARD & SAGE COUNSEL Intro -----
---- "Look Me in the Eye" You Tube Video ----
---- "Better Change" You Tube Video ----
---- "Study Hard" You Tube Video ----

Hey There, Welcome to EarthanSong. We are one of the three record labels in the Family, and along with our sisters - and - we write, record, produce, publish, and promote original music and movies that follow theme-lines consistent with our Earthan Credo. We strive to offer intelligent music that thinking persons will want to listen to, reflect upon, and share. Our theme charter here at EarthanSong is to focus on offering quality music with meaningful lyrics that reflect and promote our environmentally sustainable lifestyle choices, and advocate for rational and deliberate social & cultural evolution.

Sometimes we're a bit romancy and playful- because we are playful romantics at heart. Mostly though we're rather (r)evolutionary - because some things just demand to be sang out loud, and that can sometimes mean giving note to ideas some may find unsettling (like environmental consciousness, social equity, and deliberate rational evolution...). And sometimes, yes, we're just a bit dreamy - we turn on our brightest lights and dream big right out loud. We strive to keep the light shining and keep the face smiling

Our intention is to discover, explore, and illuminate a rational and productive pathway through the fog and the vested resistance into some constructive and cooperative form of ecological sustainability, social equity, and familial bonding. So, we identify ourselves primarily as "Earthans" - (that being children and citizens of the Earth, you are welcome to review ), then we strive to accommodate all of our uniqueness's such that none are rejected and all may participate as members of our extended Earthan Family.

We welcome you, your open mind, and your open heart; and we hope you enjoy the music and the message...
We have to work, and live, and sing together if we are to salvage our future from our past.

...with Love, Light, & Respect,

All of
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----- Intro to EARTHAN SONG Records -----
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Chris  Bianco  Music

PO Box 341

Avila Beach, California, USA 93424

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---- The EARTHAN SONG Catalogue ----
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Way Forward You Tube Song Links
New Paradigm
Build a

New Future
New Light
Earthan Anthem
Common Wealth
Our Credo
One Humanity
Sage Counsel You Tube Song Links
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Look Me in

the Eye
Choices and

Wondering Eyes
Study Hard
It's Your

Food for


Climate Change
Better Change
Tell Them

the Truth